Local Fitness

Local Fitness

What is local Fitness

“Fitness in countryside”“Fitness viewing Satoyama landscape”“Fitness in nature”

Our camping site, Kabuto-no-Mori Terrace, is where you can enjoy and get in touch with nature. Additionally, you can enjoy various outdoor activities. We provide our guests with an amazing active rest holiday.

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Camping facilities for active rest holidays

"Active rest" is an act of self-care. Rather than complete rest, do less intense activities such as walking, yoga, swimming, and so on. Doing these activities in nature will improve your mental health and help recover from fatigue. We aim to create a facility where people can experience the joy of spending time actively in the forest as a "new lifestyle."

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Starting point for outdoor fitness

Kabuto-no-Mori Terrace provides various activities below that you can enjoy while you are at our camp site.
  • Road Bike (Cycling)
    Road Bike (Cycling)

    Our camping site is surrounded by beautiful mountains. You can. choose various cycling routes.

  • Trail running
    Trail running

    There are many trails for running in Iga City and Kameyama City.

  • Trekking

    From the terrace, you can approach various mountains, including. Mt. Reizan and Mt. Shakujogadake.

  • Nordic Walking
    Nordic Walking

    You can take a stroll while viewing beautiful nature, the landscape, the idyllic river, and the townscape.

  • Running

    Enjoy jogging around the terrace with few traffic lights and cars.

  • Yoga

    Enjoy yoga in the fresh morning air.

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