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Part-time staff wanted

Kabuto no Mori Terrace is a newly opened outdoor facility for camping and local fitness (biking, trekking, etc.) in Kameyama City.
If you like camping and outdoor activities (biking, trekking, etc.), why don't you join us and enjoy working together surrounded by a lot of nature?

Place of work :
Nakazaike,kabuto,Kameyama-city,  Mie
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Job Description:
Management of the entire facility, assistance in campsite operation, and assistant
Knowledge of camping, biking, and other outdoor activities is welcome
Office Hours:
Basically 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. *Varies depending on the season, such as peak season.
To be determined by interview  commuting costs
From 3 times a week (negotiable)
How to apply:
For inquiries regarding application, please use the inquiry form.
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