Is your camping site open year-round?
Yes. You can enjoy camping at our camping site all year-round.
However, the facility may be closed irregularly due to reservations and facility maintenance. Please check available dates on the reservation page on our website.
Are large vehicles such as campers allowed to park inside of auto camp sites?
Large vehicles are not allowed to enter the camping site. Only standard cars may drive into the cottage. If you consider coming to drive large vehicles, please consult us in advance.
Can I take pets to camp site?
Pets are not allowed.
Is the water in the facility drinkable?
It is not drinkable. The water in the facility comes from the river.
Is it possible to encounter wild animals and bugs?
Kabuto no Mori Terrace is a camping site located in the mountains. Therefore, there are lots of kinds of animals, such as deer and wild boars, snakes, frogs, bees, mosquitoes, and many other insects that live in the mountains, and of course they
They will occasionally appear in the facility. We have confirmed the presence of pit vipers in our facility. Please be careful not to approach areas where pit vipers are hiding, such as grassy areas. If you find a pit viper or are bitten by one, please report it to our staff immediately.
Can people take a bath and shower at the camping site?
Yes. However, advance booking is required for taking a bath and shower. We use water from the river. Therefore, during the summer and peak season, water levels may be unstable and you may not be able to make reservations.
(There are hot springs 15 minutes away from our camping site)
When is it possible to make a reservation?
You can make a reservation at 0:00 a.m. on the 10th of the month, three months in advance.
Can I cancel my reservation?
We will charge you a cancellation fee.
3 days to 1 day prior : 30%, on the day : 50%, no notice : 100%.
Cancellation fees must be paid by bank transfer.
If you want to cancel 3 days before the date of the reservation, we would like you to contact us by phone.
Can I change my reservation?
You can change your reservation date at“nap”website.
Can I light fireworks?
You can enjoy fireworks only at our designated area.
Can I make private reservations as a group?
Yes. If you are interested, please contact us.
Is there a designated garbage area at the camping site?
Yes. There is a designated garbage area where you can separate waste. However, we ask our guests to bring their own garbage bags to separate waste. We will give you a list of how to separate waste.
Are minors allowed to stay at camping sites?
Minors can stay at our camping site. However, it is required to submit a consent letter from your parents.
>Please submit a consent letter when you check in.

【About this website】

Is it possible to extend the time to check out?
Yes. You need to pay an additional fee of 1,100yen (tax included) for early check-in (10:00am) and late check-out (16:00pm). If you are interested, please contact us a week before the reservation data. Please note that we may not be able to accept your reservation due to previous or subsequent reservations.
Is it okay to use direct heat for cooking?
Please be sure to use a fire pit.
Is there a waiting list?
Yes. People can wait for cancellation. Please go to the reservation site “nap” to check for the cancellation.
Can I assign a reservation to a particular area or cottage?
We do not accept any specific locations. However, we will consider groups of people.
Can I have a barbecue with my friends for a day trip?
Yes, it is possible. Each individual will be charged 550 yen (tax included) as admission fee. (1,100 yen (tax included) per additional vehicle).
Can I have a barbecue at the cottage?
The use of firearms is prohibited inside the cottages, but BBQ is allowed outside the cottages.
Can I put up a tarp tent in front of the cottage?
Yes, you can.
Are children included in the capacity?
Children under 3 years old (0–2 years old) are not included in the capacity.
Is it possible to use the room beyond its capacity?
The maximum number of people per site cannot be exceeded. If you exceed the capacity, please make a reservation for another site.

【Surrounding Facilities】

Is there any supermarket to get supplies for camping?
Our facility is located right off the "Minamizaike" Interchange. Therefore, we recommend you purchase all supplies and food beforehand. The nearest supermarkets are located off the "Seki Interchange" or "Shimotsuga Interchange".
Are there any hot spring facilities nearby?
Yes. There is a “Sarubino” Hot spring 15 minutes away from our camp site.
Where can I do fitness/ exercise?
Click following page for more information
You can rent a exercise mat.
>Local fitness page


Are there areas for fishing?
Due to the shallowness of the river, fishing is not available.
Can I swim in the river?
Since the water is only knee deep, swimming is not recommended.


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